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Why You Need Press Release Syndication Services?


Distribution of content through a network in the form of a Press Release is one of the magnificent tools that we integrate into the digital marketing strategy to make your business newsworthy and achieve the communication goals.
  • Gains immediate visibility to a large network
  • Improves the awareness & the reputation
  • Enhances SEO by earning backlinks
  • Highlights the achievements of your business
  • Reasonable as compared to paid advertising

Press Release Distribution

Our PR syndication has grouped with the nation’s top-tier news channels to distribute and publish your press release to a wide-reaching network of national as well as international media outlets and news sites with specified trade categories.

Press Release Editing and Writing

We have a highly seasoned team of professional writers and editors who help you craft a compelling and engaging press release that will garner attention, credibility, and respect for the brand.

Outsource PR Strategy

If you are looking to build public relations, stellar marketing plan, or a social media campaign, you can tap into our expertise and outsource your PR syndication work to our expert PR services.

Our SEO Services

What's Included in Our SEO Services

At Rapidxseo, we offer all-inclusive SEO packages to deliver the best organic results to businesses. Our SEO solutions help websites rank higher, garner traffic, and generate leads.

On-Page SEO

Our on-page SEO services are lined up with search engines' ideal practices to boost your website's online presence.

Off-Page SEO

We leverage link-building to establish brand credibility and garner more online exposure for your business through off-page SEO.

Link Building

The dedicated link-building team at Search Marketing Experts creates quality backlinks on relevant & high-authority websites.

Keyword Analysis

After understanding your business niche, our keyword research team will find specific search terms for ranking your site.

Technical SEO

The website's back-end impacts the search rankings significantly. By fixing the website issues, we ensure that your site ranks higher.

Monthly Reporting

Stay completely in the loop with a detailed monthly reporting that displays everything we've done and the strategy's progress.

Campaign Metrics

Here’s why you need to choose us for our PR distribution services:

  • Press Release
  • Strategic Content
  • PR

Press Release Distribution

The secret behind our impactful PR syndication services is the evolution of a news-worthy idea. Our PR specialists come up with unique ideas that would excite the audience. With the creation of newsworthy content, we begin with syndication. We partner with the top-tier news outlets to have your press release published.

  • Wide network of news websites and media outlets
  • Targeted Distribution to Specified Categories
  • Placement of business in front of the right audience

Strategic Content Creation

We have a team of highly skilled writers and editors to craft an active and compelling press release that has the potential to garner credibility, awareness, and attention for your brand. The content our experts create for the press releases is optimized for search engines for maximum impact.

  • Newsworthy Content
  • Optimized with relevant keywords
  • Credible information and story
  • Great for launches and news

PR Strategy

Need help with generating a public relations campaign? Tap into our expertise and entrust us with the task of building a PR strategy for your business. If you don't have time to reach out to hundreds and thousands of journalists at media and news outlets and want your story to get the coverage, we have got you covered with our comprehensive suite of press release syndication services.p>

  • Experienced PR writers and editors
  • Wide network of news websites and media outlets
  • Creation of compelling and optimized content
  • Improves the search rankings

Improve the Brand Recognition

At Rapidxseo, our press release services are not just limited to writing and publishing press releases. We work with our clients collaboratively, recognize newsworthy stories, guarantee impact, and encourage news outlets to notice and feature your story. So, if you want your business to get the recognition it deserves, we can help you with it through our effective press releases syndication.

Reach Your Prospects at Affordable Rates

Rapidxseo offers maximum visibility for businesses at minimum expenses. Our PR syndication solutions are one of the most cost-effective solutions to enhance your brand recognition, online presence, and sales. We offer the most extensive PR distribution. Contact us now!