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What Are Citations?

For those without an idea, a citation references a business online. It can take the form of a business name, information, address, web or social account URL, or any combination of the mentioned things.
Citations are important when it comes to search engine optimization and rankings. Citations play an important role because search engines use them to verify that a company or brand exists. If the citation exists, the search engine marks the business as authentic and ranks it higher.
Also, a company listed on top websites will make the company a reliable authority. This will accelerate your visibility and increase your ranking and brand authority. Hence, citations are necessary for search engine algorithms.

Keep Up To Date

Let’s search the web and replace all old references with updated versions. It is important to keep your company profile up to date.

Own Your List

We help you become the owner of all business listings in relevant niche directories. We can also help you register for a new directory.

Increase Customers

A regular listing helps Google recognize your business as reliable and rank you on the top of search engine results pages.

Hire Citation Cleanup Service

How We Work

Solving these problems is not easy. Because each source is different, it takes a lot of effort to contact each source and correct the information. To this end, we have developed a professional citation cleanup service. We take all the steps mentioned below to maximize your chances of getting ranked (and winning the competition). Basically, our citation cleanup specialists take care of everything for you and provide you with reports at the end of the month.

Your Opinion

When you sign up with our local citation cleanup service, our team will share a brief questionnaire with you and ask you to answer the questions mentioned in the questionnaire, such as your current and old information.

Verification Of Information

Our citation cleanup specialists will verify the information you send. If we become aware of discrepancies between the data you provide and the commercial information available online, we will contact you to discuss how to resolve the problem. This step is important so that all remaining citations can be discovered.

Organize Your Listings, Eliminate Duplicates, And Improve Citations

Our citation cleanup process starts with making sure that your primary data aggregator’s business information is uncontaminated and correct. Our team will clean local, industry-specific, and location-specific business resource directories.


Major data aggregators and many business directories need phone authentication to edit business information in their lists. This can be done through a phone number linked with the company. Our experts will work closely with you to confirm any changes to your information. Together, we choose the most suitable way for you to achieve this goal.

Quality Assurance

For us, quality is everything, and we pride ourselves on the quality assurance of our professional citation cleanup services. This is no exemption. Once the detection stage is complete, the report is sent to our QA specialists, who manually verify the information.


You will receive a citation review report one week after your project is taken over. Every two weeks, you will receive an internal report with the latest status of your business listings. At the end of the citation cleanup phase, we’ll send you a full report containing all the citations we found during the audit phase (relevant to your business) and a list of everything we cleaned up during the citation cleanup phase.

Benefits Of Our Citation Cleanup Service

Citation cleanup is essential for any big or small business, especially for local and multi-location companies and brands. Businesses of this size rely on proper names, addresses, and contact information so the targeted audience can find them online and offline. Hiring citation cleanup services has many benefits. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Improve Your Site Ranking On The SERPs
  • Focus Your Time And Energy On Your Business
  • Fix Up Citation Errors And Repetitions
  • We Know How To Do It

Improve Your Site Ranking On The SERPs

Unreliable business information (particularly name, address, and contact number) about your company online can prevent potential clients from contacting you and lower your local search engine rankings.

Focus Your Time And Energy On Your Business

The citation cleanup procedure is a challenging and time-consuming task. Sorting out-of-sequence citations can take over 50 hours. Don’t worry; Save your time. Hire citation cleanup services from us and let our citation cleanup specialists do the work for you so that you can spend more time on other business activities.

We Know How To Do It

We have years of experience providing local citation cleanup services for a variety of industries. We have been in the SEO industry for ten years and have a team of citation cleanup specialists.

Fix Up Citation Errors And Repetitions

Inaccurate or duplicate business information within the local business listings network can confuse search engines, negatively impact your local rankings, and misinform potential customers.

Did You Know Incorrect Citations Can Cost You 68% Of Your Customers?

Just like taking a bath after playing in the mud, cleaning up your citations is important to make your business listings clean to attract more attention. In order to keep data clean and up-to-date, it is important to store information in all directories and keep it fundamentally clean. On balance, 68% of consumers will stop doing business with a company if they find incorrect data in an online directory.
Aren’t you afraid? But do not worry. We do all the work. Our citation cleanup specialists fix and clean up all inaccurate, misleading, and inconsistent citations that negatively impact your search engine results page ranking.

Why Choose RapidX SEO?

Our citation cleanup services are performed without the use of black hat tactics. Therefore, uniformity is of utmost importance to us. We understand how challenging it can be to grab your targeted audience’s attention and turn them into customers. That’s why we help you find leads quickly and accurately. RapidX SEO enables you to beat your competitors vigorously and positively. Our citation cleanup specialists believe in delivering the best results and connecting with your prospects.