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Targeted, Comprehensive Keyword Research That Drives Sales!

There are no forbidden keywords. RapidxSEO's patented keyword research approach generates genuine business effects through conversion-focused keywords that are targeted.

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Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation

    Mimics Google Search

    RapidxSEO is continuously pushing for a new strategy for SEO. This covers our keyword picking technique based on themes. We do not cherry-pick keywords at random but rather select keyword themes, exactly like Google's search robots.

    Purchase Intent Lookups

    The keywords we discover in each thematic keyword group are chosen depending on purchasing intent. We don't select keywords just because they belong to a topical keyword group; they must also generate quality organic leads.

    Keywords with the Highest Value

    When deciding which keywords to focus on within a theme category, RapidxSEO looks for those that would generate the most qualified organic traffic flow. This is determined by a mix of search traffic and competitiveness.

    Campaign Metrics

    RapidxSEOs’ SEO professionals are on the ground, working with each customer to achieve SEO success. Our SEO strategies are built on verifiable, results-driven theme keywords, allowing you to outrank the competition and feel secure in teaming with RapidxSEO.
    We examine your website to identify which keywords are ideal for targeting different pages and content on your site. This enables us to distinguish purpose and restrict your customer’s focus so they can locate what they’re looking for on your web pages.
    We provide keyword tracking services and software tools to help you estimate the worth of your keywords and alter your approach as needed. As we refine your website’s search approach, this takes the keyword strategy full circle.
    We employ a keyword funnel technique to categorize each term, a grouping of words and phrases that corresponds to the intuitive stage in the buyer’s journey. Every keyword customer types into Google has a purpose. Determine which terms pique your audience’s interest.

    What People Say

    Get rid of the links that are affecting your website rankings!

    Improve your website’s organic performance in search results with an SEO audit.

    What exactly is Keyword research?

    At their heart, keywords are one of the most crucial — if not the most vital — component of a good SEO strategy. Keywords are the terms entered into a search box, whether on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. But there’s a lot more to keywords than that. Keywords entered into a search box give information about clients and how they search for items. Knowing this, it’s critical to choose keywords that mirror your customers’ ideas and search habits.

    How does keyword research affect SEO?

    Almost all SEO attempts use the benefits of thematic keyword research. As it benefits one component, it benefits another in turn. However, topical query research has the most impact since it influences how an SEO strategy is planned from the outset. The first step is to create content. Our thematic keyword research identifies the terms and search patterns that consumers submit into search engines. We take these high-volume keywords and proceed to create a range centered on that keyword and related subjects. This eliminates the option of providing meaningless material and instead offers consumers relevant content that benefits them by being topical and valuable. Adding original, relevant content to your site and core pages helps enhance Google’s perception of your site’s authority over the topic and keyword theme. One stone, two birds.

    Why is RapidxSEO unique?

    To completely comprehend the idea and logic behind RapidxSEOs’ thematic search query research, it is vital to first understand what terrible keyword research entails. The most prevalent causes of poor keyword assessments include SEO “specialists” opening Google Keyword Planner, entering a search phrase, conducting a search, exporting the list provided by Google, and passing it off to the customer as “done.” First and foremost, where is the research? Second, are these keywords related or thematic to what a site or product is offering? This approach to search query analysis ignores the user entirely, increasing the likelihood of missing the fundamental terms that people are looking for.

    Increase in Organic Traffic

    Increasing website traffic is a difficult nut to crack. It’s challenging to figure out how to magically draw internet people to your website, but it’s important since search is the #1 driver of traffic on the internet. A website must be search engine optimized while still including rich, informative material that your company’s target audience would find valuable.

    The security of your website must be ensured with HTTPS checks

    The use of HTTPS on your site is a signal to users that you care about their confidentiality and security. It’s similarly an important ranking factor for search engines. But the fact that you shift your domain to HTTPS doesn’t mean the work is over: problems may arise later. The new HTTPS report our SEO Website Audit helps you in detecting security issues on your site quickly.

    Importance of keyword research

    Keyword research is less about selecting search terms that discuss your site offers and more about delivering the proper people to your site. By focusing on client motivations and where they are in their buyer’s journey, studying keywords may serve as a link between a firm and its potential customers.

    Visibility of Total Keyword Growth

    The SEO industry’s deception is well recognized. So, what makes RapidxSEO unique? We give unprecedented transparency into our efforts, from backlink acquisition to on-page optimization, so you can rely on us to get the job done.

    Scalable Keyword Expansion

    Starting a business on a shoestring budget? Not an issue. Do you want to put our process to the test before increasing the budget? That seems nice to us. All RapidxSEO campaigns are designed to be scalable and scalable. We’ll verify our model, and your revenue will skyrocket.

    Keyword Data in Real-Time

    The game of waiting is ended. When you launch an SEO campaign with RapidxSEO, you have access, a real-time reporting tool that gives you access to all SEO data. Log in at any time of day to monitor current keyword ranks, organic traffic growth, and other information.

    SEO Audit Process

    1. Research

    Starting with researching your business, what is your business all about and discussing with you about your goals and objectives. We will guide you on the keywords you should focus and offer our support to help you decide.

    2. Website dissection

    Next, we will start the SEO site audit procedure and use our unique set of skills and expertise to focus on the core elements of search engine ranking. At RapidxSEO, we will analyze your site for search engine suggested best practices and how it performs as per the official Google ranking factors.

    3. Present findings

    After the SEO audit, we will draw up a report identifying the issues that occurred and recommendations to rectify the errors. We will send you the audit report and will be available for all your queries. If you are satisfied with our work, we can prepare an individual proposal for a one-off or regular SEO optimization of your website.

    Lets's Make it Start Today!

    Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation

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