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Service for Citation Audit and Cleanup

Erroneous company data, such as a wrong phone number, an outdated location, or an incorrect business name, can be detrimental to your business and have a bad influence on your local search rankings. Investing in reliable company information and guaranteeing consistent, up-to-date data on the most impactful sites can assist.

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Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation

    Manual Labor

    Our experienced staff detects and corrects roughly 75% more inaccurate and duplicate citations manually than automated systems.

    Discovering NAP Variations

    We conduct considerable research to locate all of the old names, addresses, and phone numbers to guarantee that your cleanup is comprehensive (*on the sites included in the package you choose).

    Extensive Citation Check

    We reveal ALL valid, incorrect, and duplicate citation sources on each site (*only for the sites covered in our packages).

    Troubleshooting & Optimization

    We will ensure that your listings on the Core Search Engines (Google, Bing, and Apple Maps) are error-free, flawlessly optimized, and appealing to customers. This is an important step because you will be less likely to appear in the local results if anything is incorrect with your listings.
    We scan numerous permutations of your NAP information to identify every directory and company entry for your brand, noting the URL of the listing as well as the displayed name, address, and phone number. We even look via major data aggregators. If the listing is discovered in Google’s active index, we carefully review and verify that the information supplied at the start of the campaign is correct.
    Frequently, your clients will not know the login details for existing citations. In certain situations, the citations were generated automatically from data aggregator databases. These are the issues that may turn a busy SEO team’s nightmare into a nightmare when faced with hundreds of incorrect or duplicate company listings throughout the web. However, our crew deals with these problems daily. For example, we have a tried-and-true procedure to notify every directory and website with an inaccurate entry.
    A citation cleaning effort is not complete unless a last round of inspection is performed. However, every revised contribution is extensively double-checked to confirm that the modifications were correctly posted on the site.

    What People Say

    Get rid of the links that are affecting your website rankings!

    Improve your website’s organic performance in search results with an SEO audit.

    Improve Your Citation Profile

    Specific citations in local search directly influence your local search visibility and transmit your company information to other sites in the local search ecosystem. We go over these top sources and make sure they’re up to date and accurate.

    Do Not Rent Out Your Listings

    You have total authority over all of the listings that we claim and update. You do not have to pay an annual fee to keep your listings up to date. You will have usernames and passwords for all of your listings, which you can simply adjust at any moment.

    Accurate Reporting Modules

    Experts believe that consistency in citations on top sites is crucial to your potential to rank. We optimize all of your top listings and reduce inconsistencies, which aids in the improvement of your local ranking criteria.

    Technical Off page Optimization

    Our team of experts at RapidxSEO are dedicated to data! Our experts honestly believe that the valuable customer data can help your local business perform excellently in a specific region teamed up with a custom local SEO strategy.

    Why Is Citation Remediation Necessary?

    We’ve seen it repeatedly after assessing 1000s of Local SEO Campaigns: having inaccurate or inconsistent citations is the top thing holding you back from obtaining excellent local results. According to David Mihms’ (SEOMoz), the most current ranking factors survey is the third most negative ranking factor (1).

    • This can happen for a variety of reasons, including:
    • You relocate and obtain a new address.
    • You are given a new phone number.
    • Aggregators just take up wrong information about your organization and present the incorrect NAP since you have variants of your name.

    Minimal and Intrusive Reporting

    We think that a company is developed not by one individual, but by a group of people working together. We feel that the relationships we’ve developed with our customers can only be successful if we provide outstanding Local SEO reports that are honest. This is primarily why, each month, our specialists provide you with data-backed, result-based reports. To keep you informed about all of your local SEO services, we also deliver keyword analytics reports, content marketing reports, and off-page SEO data.

    Guaranteed Results Over The Local Market

    We don’t only focus on talking; we actually do it. Our local SEO firm not only focuses on results but also guarantees them for a set period of time. To help you get the best outcomes in the business, our experts assess these findings depending on the local market and your local competition. From the initial study to the final reports, we make sure we’re always on track to meet your objectives. Because of the success we’ve had with this method, we can guarantee outcomes in the local market.

    Satisfied Clients Internationally

    We are proud of being one of the top local SEO agencies on the Internet. We have a list of clients from all over the world who are satisfied with our local SEO services and have maintained a strong business relationship with us over the years, thanks to our devoted team of professionals working on different local businesses abroad for over a decade. We proudly display our happy customers as if they were a medal of honor. We keep a comprehensive portfolio that highlights our achievements throughout the year, making it simple for new clients to see why we’re the ideal option for them.

    SEO Audit Process

    1.Contact & Outreach by Hand

    Because each reference source is unique, we developed an internal Standard Operating Procedure for each site so that we can follow the optimal procedure for having your citations repaired. We execute two rounds of manual email outreach, so we set up an email on your behalf and log all contacts.

    2.Correct citations

    We update the citations we have access to using the information you’ve supplied us, and we manually go out to the remainder of the directories and file a request on your behalf to have the information there be consistent with your accurate NAP.

    3.Send Report

    We will deliver a report that includes all of the citations that we rectified and any parting recommendations.

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    Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation

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