Enhanced Recognition of their NGO Through Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies

We developed social media marketing strategies to attract a relevant audience to their NGO.

Rapidxseo worked with Action for Poverty Alleviation, an NGO, to promote their organization by creating awareness through social media marketing. We developed unique strategies for their organization based on modern marketing tactics and trends.

The Challenge

Based in Canada, Action for Poverty Alleviation had to establish itself as a brand and required awareness. We started with the challenge of collecting funding and donations for the NGO by creating compelling social media content. Content for NGOs is hard to produce. For Social media platforms, we thought whether how to start with a way to target the right audience. It was a challenge that Rapidxseo took on full throttle!

The Solution

To strengthen the connection with the audience, Rapidxseo deployed its social media marketing team for thorough content research and to create channel effectiveness. We developed a solid social media strategy based on business goals for the client, all while tailoring the strategy to Action for Poverty Alleviation and target audiences. We created content per social media policies, leading to a better understanding of the type of business and how to promote content for this project. A combined effort of the social media marketing team was deemed fruitful for the project as the resources and respective responsible teams were eagerly involved.

How we did it

We created Engagement Campaigns that mainly focused on increasing Page Likes, potential inquiries, and brand awareness. We ran two engagement campaigns that reached 47,313 people, received 4,195 likes and 196 responses within three months within a minimal budget.

The Results

Today, Action for Poverty Alleviation has witnessed incredible growth and efficiency due to our social marketing efforts. Rapidxseo now heads the social media management of Action for Poverty Alleviation's by creating social media strategies with targeted precision. Rapidxseo , with a worthwhile footprint in the digital environment and awareness, made a wholehearted effort and worked on the project from scratch to establishing a renowned business in Canada.


  • Instagram helps you grow your brand awareness and introduce new products. It allows you to promote your brand, products, and services in a friendly and authentic way without hard selling to your customers.

  • On Instagram, we tried to increase the number of followers organically. We applied an effective strategy & it helped them improve the brand image within a short period as this project came with no brand image.

  • Right now, they have approximately 375 active followers on Instagram, gained organically.

  • We also added numerous stories, including polls, this or that, and Q/A sessions to increase the engagement.

  • Engaging stories were added on alternative days to encourage interaction with the audience.

Marketing Experts?

Our deep understanding of consumer behavior, established through a unique approach to online word-of-mouth research, helped us create a custom strategy that directly addressed specific business challenges and achieve ROI objectives. Our experience with over a decade of observing and analyzing online Word-of-Mouth and social media behavior gives us the insight to connect a brand's marketing objectives with the values of a social community to create a valuable experience for everyone involved.
We never stop bringing something new to the table, depending upon the brand. We make sure that all our clients are receiving reports from our end monthly. The results for the pages of Action for Poverty Alleviation Project are as follows: