Beewise is the top moving company based in London, UK. At Beewise, we understand that we’re not just dealing with valued customers but also their precious belongings. Therefore, we offer reliable and smooth removal and storage services.


Strong competitors like,, and others with many years of site age and a wide range of inbound links and strategies.


Our client wanted to capture the UK market, and for that, they got in touch with us for a unique web strategy and a complete, full-spectrum SEO campaign. The client’s goal was to rank against significant keywords like:


Specialized Moving Services


Efficient Moving Services


Efficient Moving Relocation Services in the UK


Specialized Cheap Home Moving Services in London


Efficient Moving Relocation Services England

And more than 20 other keywords

Task &

  • Keyword research for effective internet marketing
  • Content marketing to attract potential customers
  • Make the webpage SEO friendly to get crawled frequently
  • Optimize the targeted keywords in major Search Engines
  • Achieve rankings for keywords that users search online
  • Increase the ROI of the business


The link-building campaign began in Dec - 2019, resulting in significant rankings in the first few months. The client went forward with a 1-year organic SEO contract.

SEO team developed promotional materials like infographics, PPT, content and executed some quality link-building tasks to achieve rankings and drive traffic.

Time Frame

Dec 2019 – Dec 2020

The project was under a trial plan in December. After the initial success, the project was upgraded with more keywords and is still an ongoing project.


After a year of web promotion and SEO Strategy, the client reported the following results, depicting a significant change in the additional inbound leads and keywords rankings.

Traffic Trend of 6 Month: (SEM RUSH)

Rank Report

Below are the keywords ranking in the Top 10, i.e., the 1st page of Google.

  • Keywords

  • Rankings

  • Specialized Moving Services
  • Efficient Moving Services
  • Student relocation services London
  • Efficient Moving Relocation Services
    in UK
  • Efficient Moving Relocation Services
  • Specialized Cheap Home Moving
    Services in London

Keywords by Country (SEMrush)

Client’s Remark

We sincerely appreciate your efforts to position our website’s ranking in the UK. Our sales have gone up considerably compared to previous months. Overall, it’s a satisfactory experience. Thanks, MAX & ARTHUR, for making it possible for our business to rank on the first page of Google and providing our company with an edge over the online competition.

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